Measured parameters:

Earth-relative zonal wind

Preliminary analysis of the raw data (L0) helps to get the basic picture of the equipment stability. Level L0 of the data provides direct measurements without any corrections except the transition to SI units. Here we plot the raw data and some simple statistics for the last 24 hours (up to now). Please be aware of the upload lag: normally it takes 45-60 min for data to be plotted here. The amount of time without update is in the gray bar "Last updated ..." on top of the page, if it turns red than something went very wrong.

Raw data for the last 24 hour

The actual data representation and its running mean (rmean), see the legend for colors and for the window size of the rmean. Additionally we have rough quality control: the % of missing values computed in the same window as the running mean.

The quality control shows how many measurements per second happened during this period. Both plots are the same with different y-scaling. So the main frequency on the left plot should be identical to the specification of the device. The plot on the right side helps to see deviations.